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Witness public sex acts

Its no secret us Brits love to take part in dogging or be the ones to watch others engage in public sex acts is it? and since our dogging community site was set up we have seen more and more men joining up to the site in hope of witnessing public sex acts happen and if your one of these contacts into voyeurism then we can help. We have the perfect dogging contacts and kinky couples who would love you to watch them from a far getting up to no good and all you have to do is turn up and watch. There are tons of public sex meets set up on a daily basis and to find one close to you then you will have to register to our dogging community which doesn’t take up much of your time at all and once completed you can have a look around and see what’s happening near you today. You can guarantee that any beach, car park, woodland or layby is seeing some dirty action happening tonight and we want you to be there watching it happen. There’s no need to be shy come say hi and witness real dirty public sex acts with your own eyes today.

Our dogging sex site has everything you need to know about exhibitionism and voyeurism and whether your a newbie voyeur or been into voyeurism for a long time you could find these tips and hints pretty useful when it comes to voyeurism and public sex.

Hygiene is very important – No one wants to engage with smelly or dirty people
Never sneak up on someone – Not everyone is looking for attention
Watch for signals – A flash of the interior light means these couples want to be watched.
Always keep your distance – You will get invited over if the couple want you to.
Never drive around looking for action – Know where your going and wait for the action to unfold.
Be a good neighbour – We all know it can get pretty busy at dogging meets so don’t ever block another watchers view
Pick up your trash before you leave
Move along – Once the show is over then go your separate ways.

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