What you need to know about dogging

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What you need to know about dogging

Dogging is one of the biggest sex crazes to ever hit Britain and as more and more people are engaging in sexual activity outdoors some rules have come into place. These are just basic commen knowledge rules and are for yours and your partners safety. Dogging meets can be between say 2 or 3 people to groups of 10 or 12 depending on what you like lets face it the more men and women to fuck the better right. Whether its your first time dogging or not we hope that this dogging information page is useful to you it lists some dogging rules, types of car park sex positions and more. You can find more dogging information once you have joined our site inside the members area.

Rules of dogging:

Always use your common sense – If it doesnt feel right then get yourselves out of there.
If you turn up to a location and you dont feel at all comfortable then leave, Dont stay if you think yourself or your partner is in trouble
The woman is always in command
Always be polite us doggers dont like rude or ignorant people it puts us right off
Stay anonymous never give out personal information to people you just met
Clean up after yourselves no one wants to see empty wrappers and condoms littered all over the place.

Sex positions for car park sex meets

In the car:
Classic –  Front seat on pasenger side, You the guy goes on top with feet on the floor and your ladies feet on the dashboard.. Recline the seat as far as you can.
Straddling – You again on the passenger seat and your woman on top of you.
Backseat Mambo – Good old missionary across the back seat.
Back to front – Lady is astride the front seat and backs her bum through the spaces of the seat, she can then brace herself against seats or the dashboard, You then take her doggystyle.

On the car:
On the hood – Your female partner lies back onthe hood of the car and scoots her bum towards the edge you then stand in between her legs and fuck her.
Wrap around – Same as above but with woman sitting up on the hood and her legs wrapped around you.
Wheelbarrow – Woman lays her upperbody and face down on the hood, You then lift her legs up, spread them wide and fuck her from behind.

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